MittelgebirgeClassique 2024

MittelgebirgeClassique – The ultimate ultra distance cycling challenge in the southwest of Germany and eastern France.

Start of the 3rd edition: May, 12th 2024 – 6:00h
Briefing/accreditation: May, 11th

The first version of the Rider Manual 2024 is now ready for download.
Keep in mind that there will be some minor changes to the manual until May


The fixed route of MittelgebirgeClassique will lead the participants over approximately 40 mountain passes in the Palatinate Forest, Black Forest and in the Vosges.

The route is mostly paved and can therefore be easily tackled by road bike. However, there will be some short gravel passages. The highest passes in the Palatinate reach around 600m, in the Black Forest and the Vosges the passes rise to over 1400m.


  • Riders must complete the full course (GPX track) from start to finish.
  • Riders must be fully self-supported.
  • No drafting at any time.
  • Riders must follow the local laws at any time.
  • All bikes have to pass a check up before the start.
  • Riders are required to use a provided GPS Tracker.
  • All kind of human powered Bicycles allowed, No E-Bikes!


Rider Manual

The first version of the Rider Manual is ready for download.Keep in mind that there will be some minor changes until May. Die erste Version des Fahrer Handbuchs steht jetzt zum Download bereit.Bitte beachtet das sich bis Mai noch ein paar Änderungen ergeben können.


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