Unsupported Ultracycling Challenge


⇔ 1110km | ⇑ 23.000m | Time limit : 110h


May 28th 2022 - Registration, briefing and bike-check (mandatory)

May 29th 2022 - 6:00am: Start

June 2nd  2022 - 8:00pm: Finisher party


Categories: Solo and Pair

Start / Finish: Neustadt an der Weinstraße / Germany


MittelgebirgeClassique is a fully self-supported ultra-cycling-challenge.

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The given route of the first edition of MittelgebirgeClassique will lead the participants over around 40 mountain passes in the Palatinate Forest, Black Forest and in the Vosges.

The route is completely paved and can therefore be easily tackled by road bike. The highest passes in the Palatinate reach around 600m, in the Black Forest and the Vosges the passes rise to over 1400m.

The supply of food and accommodation, is considerable. However, there are sections where the tourist infrastructure is scarce.


Route preview

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The Col's:


Kalmit, 603m | Lolosruhe, 574m | Drei Buchen, 403m | Col du Pigeonnier, 432m | Col du Pfaffenschlick, 372m | Ebersteinburg, 425m | Rote Lache, 690m | Schwarzmiss, 933m | Urnagold, 820m | Hundseck, 888m | Mummelsee, 1014m | Alexanderschanze, 973m | Büchereck, 651m | Kandel, 1204m | Thurner, 1020m | Feldberg, 1493m | Notschrei, 1119m | Schauinsland, 1220m | Wiedener Eck, 1035m | Belchen, 1360m | Zimmerplatz, 763m | Lipple, 893m (Checkpoint) | Egerten, 923m | Hochblauen, 1164m | Grand Ballon, 1343m | Le Markstein, 1184 | Col d'Oderen, 884m | Cold du Page, 957m | Ballon d'Alsace, 1171m | Col du Hundsrück, 748 m | Grand Ballon, 1343 m | Le Markstein, 1184 m | Petit Ballon, 1163 m | Col du Wettstein, 882 m | Col du Calvaire, 1134 m | Col du Pre de Raves 1005 m| Col de Fouchy, 603m | Col d'Urbeis, 602m | Camp du Feu, 1099m | Mont Sainte Odile 760m | Col des Pandours, 662m | Col de Valsberg, 652m | Kalmit, 603m | Hambacher Schloss, 367m




  • Riders must complete the full course (provided gpx track) from start to finish.
  • Riders must be fully self-supported.
  • No Drafting at any time.
  • Riders must follow the local laws at any time.
  • All bikes have to pass a check up before the start.
  • Riders are required to use a provided GPS Tracker.
  • All kind of human powered Bicycles allowed, No E-Bikes!
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September, 16th 2021 | 8:30

The registration is open for a fortnight by now and 22 riders have already registered. We're very happy with that and like to say thank you to all of these "early birds". Until December, 31st 2021 we offer a very attractive "early bird" fee of €120 / £103 for Solo and €210 / £180 for Pair registration. Please bear in mind that the registration closes at March, 31st 2022 and that we limit the amount of participants to a total of 100.


September, 4th 2021 | 19:45h

There will be a Checkpoint at about half the route. We've found a Hut at a beautiful spot in the south part of the Black-Forest.
Riders will have the possibility to have a warm meal and a nice cup of coffee, for those who'll get there in the evening or by night there will be also the option for either a place to rest or a bed. The Checkpoint will be managed by our dear friend Sören who is an experienced Ultra-Cyclist.


September, 1st 2021 | 20:00h

Registration is open!


First announcement of the MittelgebirgeClassique with start on May 29th 2022.

Registration will be activated on September 1st, 2021.





#1 Joachim Vogel Germany
#2 Manuel Stilb Germany
#3 Martin Langlotz Germany
#4 Jochen Höschele Germany
#5 Roland Stumpf Germany
#6 Jürgen Knupe Germany
#7 Mirko Hackl Germany
#8 Fanny Hornickel Germany
#9 Harald Rauch Germany
 #10 Mirko Schmidt Germany
#11 Sara Hallbauer Germany
#12 Jürgen Hammer Germany
#13 Torsten Frank Germany
#14 Patrick Doupe Germany
#15 Thomas Ceyrowsky Germany
#16 Jost Schumski Germany
#17 Moritz Völker Germany
#18 Kamila Pociech Poland
#19 Jan Jöhnk Germany
#20 Henriette Lauridsen Netherlands
#21 Stefan Bartsch Germany


































Aynur Vater

Hans-Joachim Klein




Jürgen Leibig

Rudolf Kern



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You'll be able to follow the first edition of the MittelgebirgeClassique starting at May 29th, 2022 via our Website.


We are on Instagram as @mittelgebirgeclassique


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Christoph Fuhrbach



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