MittelgebirgeClassique is the challenge for ultra-distance-cyclists in the southwest of Germany and eastern France. The main physical difficulty will be the vast amount of mountains to climb following the 1065km long route. All participants will be rewarded by beautiful sceneries in the world-famous low mountain ranges Palatinate Forest, Black Forest and Vosges.


The first edition of MittelgebirgeClassique will start on Sunday, May 29, 2022 at 6am. The finisher party will be on Thursday 2nd June at 8pm. The start and finish is in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, around 30 km southwest of Mannheim. There is a large train station in Neustadt, so that it is easy to get there by train.


We hope that the first edition of MittelgebirgeClassique will include many experienced ultra-distance-cyclists as well as a number of rookies who have never ridden such a long route in one go. We are just as happy about the participants who complete the route in 55 hours as about those who will be on the road twice as long or even longer.


The name of our event MittelgebirgeClassique consists of two words and three languages! "Mittelgebirge" is a German term for a low mountain range which lies between "Hügelland" (hills) and "Hochgebirge" (high mountain range) in terms of height. The Palatinate Forest as well as the Black Forest and the Vosges belong to the low mountain ranges. The Black Forest and the Vosges are one of the highest Mittelgebirge in Europe and with their numerous pass roads - also known from the Tour de France - great challenges for cyclists. The highest passes in the region lead to over 1400m.


Mittelgebirge is not only used in the German language, but is also known as a loan word in the English language. “Classique” stands for our conviction that MittelgebirgeClassique has the potential to become one of the most challenging ultra-cycling events, a “classic”.


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